Adventure Dreams AB
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c/o Idre Fjäll, Idre 79091
Box 202, Idre 79091
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ADVENTURE DREAMS doglsedding was created in november 2008. Settled at the border between Sweden and Norway, we are offering dogsledding tours in winter and in summer, in both countries. We work in partnership with the Idre Fjäll ski resort in Sweden as well as in Norway, in Sølenstua. In winter, you can choose between short dogsledding tours (from 20 min to 2hours) and long trips (from 1/2 day to 3 days). In summer, enjoy our Husky tours with Footbike or a Husky walk (from 1hour to 1 day). Our activities are tailored for the whole family: everyone can drive its own sled with 4 dogs and children from 10 years old can try also, with a 3-dogs team. For the one who can't stay standing or are little afraid, we offer a special tour where they can sit in a large sled pulled by 6-8 dogs. A Husky tour is a wonderfull time to share among family and friends. WELCOME ! BIENVENUE ! VALKOMEN !